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Dear Corporate Leader,

After a divisive, ugly and hard-fought election, our nation has selected its next President of the United States. As many of us celebrate, others mourn. What is clear to me now, more than ever, is the importance of unity. One woman or man cannot and will not define who we are as leaders, as colleagues, as neighbors — as a nation. Two things are clear:

First off, CTI's values, voice and clout in the world have never been as important. The private sector needs to be on the vanguard, out in front of government, as a prime driver of human flourishing. In particular, accelerating the progression of people of color, safeguarding the rights of the disabled and LGBT employees, and demonstrating the value of women at the top. Diversity and inclusion remains at the core of who we are and we will continue to drive our efforts forward.

Secondly, our organization will be center stage. Our amazing community of 86 global companies can and will make a huge difference. In the coming weeks and months we will aim higher and dig deeper, ENSURING that the private sector points the way and charts the course as we lift up human potential across the divides of race, gender, generation, and geography.

Let's continue to celebrate our differences while finding common ground. Let's do this together.


Sylvia Ann Hewlett and the Center for Talent Innovation


• A printable PDF of this letter is available, follow this link.